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We all struggle to become ‘A Pro’ in our field. Digital Marketing is the new baby which can light every small business. Should you not try it out?
In the wake of making the impossible possible, we have experienced industry experts who have made it a point to let you learn, relearn and explore new digital marketing avenues. Starting from SEO, Content, and Ad campaigns, we’ll share all possible ways to gain knowledge in this field.

Are you a banker? Or a Chef? Or a trainer? Or just lost in what to choose? At Today Learners, you can shape your digital marketing skills and even polish your skills if you are willing to learn more. With our exclusive package of courses and industry experience, you can now see the world through the lens of Today Learners.

Dharsha Suresh

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I am Dharsha Suresh, one of your trainers. An engineer by profession, I was struggling with what job to choose. Having a lot of challenges and courageous nature took me to a platform where I can explore Digital Marketing. And guess what? I loved it. With an industry experience of 5+ years, I have gained knowledge as a digital marketer over the years. I worked with top advertising agencies as the lead Ad strategist and even became one of the 100th Youth stars as an Influencer and Youtuber. With these experiences and love for Digital marketing, I have thought of sharing these with the young generation.
‘The best way to predict the future is to create it.’ I thrive on building my dream future right now. Join me in the classes.

Dharsha Suresh
Founder - Today Learners
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"We believe in creating and polishing the hidden talents within you and helping you to become the person with the best marketing skills".

Today Learners is an online course classroom for digital marketing training. It provides numerous courses with a certification solely designed for ambitious working professionals, freshers, students, learners, C-suits, experienced sales, marketing executives, homemakers, and entrepreneurs. As a candidate, update and enhance your skill to enter the digital and social media industry. We’ll offer you hands-on experience and training in digital, Content marketing, Social media marketing, Branding, Google Ads, and Campaign planning to help you stand out from the crowd.

Instructor-led one-on-one Online classroom digital marketing experts will help you plan, strategize, and measure successful digital marketing campaigns following industry best practices and working on real-time projects. We aim to make you confident as a digital marketer after completing the course.

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